Alla Zagaykevych

Alla Zagaykevych – composer, musicologist, sound-artist, who works in academic concert genres (symphonic, chamber, electroacoustic music, opera) and contemporary multidisciplinary projects (audio-visual installations, sound-performances, music for films). She participe in electroacoustic performances with musicians of new improvisation music.
She graduated from Kyiv State P.Thaikovsky Conservatoire. In 1995-1996 she attended annual course for composition and musical informatics at the Institut IRCAM (Paris).

Alla Zagaykevych participated in many international projects and festivals of contemporary music in Ukraine, France, Sweden, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Canada, Poland, Latvia, USA  and Germany.
She is the Curator of numerous electronic music projects in Ukraine, including «Elektroacoustics» (from 2003), «EM-visia» (from 2005). She is the Assistant Professor of  Departement of Music Сomposition and Musical Information Technology at National Music Academy of Ukraine, where in 1997 she founded the Electroacoustic music studio.

  • President of Electroacoustic Music Association of Ukraine (since 2010).
  • She has been awarded the Golden Dzyga Ukrainian Film Academy nomination
  • "The best composer of 2017” for music for the film "Living Fire" (director Ostap Kostyuk).
  • Winner of the national expert voterating "Filmed in Ukraine" in the nomination "best composer 2016 – 2018 years. ”
  • Laureate of the State Prize named after Olexandre Dovzhenko, Levko Revutsky Prize and Mykola Lysenka.
  • Winner of the International Competition of Electroacoustic Music “Musica ova ”(Prague)
  • Nominee for The New York Innovative Theater AWARD
  • Music for the play “FARE WATER NIGHT” by Yara Arts Group (2014)
  • Author of music for films - Oscar nominees from Ukraine
  • “Mamai” and “Povodir” (2003, 2014, directed by O. Sanin)
  • Author of articles in scientific journals "Ukrainian Musicology", "Organized Sound", "Musiktext", "Music", "Scientific Bulletin of NMAU", NMAU Magazine, Critique

MISTO (2021) 32:26

The MISTO (City) (2021) is a musical part of a media project dedicated to the study of urban space. Its real and imaginary landscapes.

It was the urban space of Kyiv that became the environment for generating new ideas and meanings for the generation of writers of “our twenties” - Semenko, Shkurupiy, Pidmohylny, Pluzhnyk, and greatly influenced the formation of futuristic trends in painting and theater.

Alla Zagaykevych, her project is involved in creating an imaginary vision of Ukrainian musical futurism.
What is the space of the CITY for modern man? What is its movement? His time? What is the CITY like inside and out? Where are its limits? How to find or lose yourself in it?

Voice/Way (2013) 10:39

Electroacoustic work focuses on the transformation process of voice during the cross- synthesis with various nature sounds. The material for the piece began from sketches for the music for the film "Guide" (dir. Oles Sanin, 2013), where the the main character of the film - a blind musician kobzar. Create a special sense of heightened hearing, hearing-guide was the main line of work in film, and in this work.