Amnon Wolman

Amon Wolman, photo: איל לוינסון

Amnon Wolman is a sound artist, composer and educator who pursues a sound world that is influenced by social interactions as part of the musical information presented to the listener, and on how they impact the creative process of an artist. He is interested in the tension between creating a piece of art as a generalization presented to all people to hear/see as they wish, and the individual experience of a single person, a listener/watcher, a performer, a creator.

Low Ground Clearance, April 2004

This installation is created with the space of the Diapason Gallery in mind. The space is divided into two parts: a large public room (with a piano inherently implying sound), and a more intimate private room. The sound-views, of these two spaces, are different and consequently, their potentiality for communication is also distinct. They represent two different artificial points on a continuum. A visual artist may talk in terms of still- life (large room) and portraits (small room). Clearly, we look differently at, and listen differently to a variety of objects in diverse spaces. One possible description of this variance is one where outside we attend to sounds in more general terms following the contour of large musical objects, attempting to identify cues that will represent the whole. And inside, in gradation, we listen with a greater attention to detail while focusing our ears on the makeup of a single sound-event. Our ability to concentrate our ears, at any given situation, on a single sound within a large canvass of sounds, is enhanced by the space. This installation may use and arrange sounds in a fashion that is informed by these considerations.