Anne Germanique


After classical training as a violinist at the Lyon Conservatory, she played in various symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles, and joined the Lyon Opera Orchestra under the direction of J. E. Gardiner.
She has taught violin for many years and composed a number of pieces published in pedagogical editions.

For the past ten years, she has been working on her own compositions and worked on sound research for concert performances. She also writes for dance, Butô, theater and image during regular collaborations.

Areas of composition
︎ Working on her instrument, the violin, she disarticulates its sound in pieces of classical or repetitive form.
︎ Expression of traumas and affects and work on body sounds and the voice.
︎ Composition using sounds from nature and broadcasting in natural spaces, and the possibility of tricking the listener's ear on natural sounds and rhythms.
︎ Introducing the general public, especially children into experimental electroacoustic music.

Creations for dance and Butô
︎ Les petites morts/ Suite/ for Sarath Amarasingam
︎ Diféras for the Colette Priou company
︎ Moi femme veuf inconsolable/ Envie de légèreté/ La passe imaginaire/ for Etcha Dvornik
︎ Ecorce vive for the Jérôme and Valérie Merle company
︎ Protogonos for compagnie Dueditre/ Michela Priuli/ festival Milanoltre
︎ Magma Gésine for Sachiko Ishikawa/ Butô/ at the En Chair et en Son festival 2018
︎ Unmaking off for Jutta Mayer/ Amsterdam Butô Festival
︎ Les oiseaux partent aussi/ Nuage nuage/ for the Mâ company
︎ Entre deux lumières for the Gradiva company
︎ Ombre/Cie le Ventilo/young audience/théâtre Na Loba /Pennautier
︎ PHEDRE " Ombre et lumière "/ Butô/ Tina Besnard/festival Butô center Tenri Paris
︎ HYMEN2 /Crossover 2/Alexandra Holownia/ performance/- international network performance art festival/Singapore
︎ Lips /IMAF 2021/ performance/Alexandra Holownia/Germany
︎ Bridge on BIDDY/ Alexandra Holwnia/ Fringe Performance Festival Bath 2022
︎ LA PASSE IMAGINAIRE/ Etcha Dvornik/ Festival Off Avignon 2022
︎ Brumante/ Tina Besnard/Butô/Amsterdam International Festival
︎ Bressol Formiguer /Marivi Hato maras/Butô/ Amsterdam International Festival
︎ the_isolated_(some)body/ Nadja Haas/Butô/2022

Creations for theater
︎ Fragments for compagnie Thétral/Marie Steen/scène nationale du Beauvaisis
︎ Esther 21 une histoire d'amour for the labo nomade du Théâtre d'or/ Ubumuntu festival Rwanda
︎ Correspondence to Camille Claudel for the Coletivo Paisagens flutuantes de Sao Paolo
︎ La mallemonde for the Thétral/Marie Steen company
︎ Suite Gitane/Festival pliant 2019 for Alexandre Romanès
︎ Duetto/atelier cenico/Sao Paolo Brazil 2021

Concert broadcasts
︎ Magma Gésine/Acousmonium Motus/Festival en chair et en son 2018
︎ Réplicante/Acousmonium Motus/ Festival Futura 2019
︎ Natura Anima1/Toboggans poétiques/ Théâtre d'or 2019

Music to image
︎ Odette/ animated film by Stéphane Paravigna
︎ Pastannecy/Atelier Florentine Grelier/ Annecy Festival 2016
︎ A Dermalian /Haunted After Fear/ Experimental cinema by Sylvia Toy St Louis USA

Compositions performed at Circuit Fantôme Season 3 Episode 8:

- Dysharmonies légères (2020)
- Islande - 01 Asbyrgi (2014)
- Symphonie des matières (2019)