Boris Shershenkov

Engineer, Sound Artist, Curator

Engineer and sound artist, curator of Electroacoustic Music Lab LEMESG at GES-21. Among his interests — electroacoustic improvisation, spatial sound installation, design and development of musical instruments.

EAI jam with Oleg Makarov / Patrick K.-H.

Digiphonia soundspace installation, 2014
Boris Shershenkov, Digiphonia@ FSG. Photo by Anastasia Blur

Boris Shershenkov, Digiphonia@ FSG. Photo by Anastasia Blur

Though computer development aims to quantize data, it also produces a multitude of artifacts of the virtuality that are, getting dated in time with their technical purpose, drifting to the abstract objects’ domain. A lot of them are digital tools at the first place, and even if their purpose was or was not to transmit the sound, they have certain acoustic and sound properties. This allows to achieve a very special quality of sound, namely three in one – as an event, it can be seen from physical,  psychological and informative points, just like water, that can stay simultaneously in 3 aggregative states.