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Boris Shershenkov

Engineer, Sound Artist, Curator

Boris Shershenkov (b. 1990, Vladivostok, Russia) – independent artist and researcher, Ph.D. (candidate of technical sciences), and musical instrument designer. Focusing on projects that develop new methodologies in technological and sound art, he investigates the relationship between humans and technology combining modern techniques with media archaeological research.

Boris is engaged in various activities in the field of experimental music and sound art as the author of numerous media installations and sound performances and curator of concert programs, exhibitions and educational projects. As a musician, he is actively working in the areas of live electronics and electroacoustic improvisation, both solo and in collaboration with Russian and foreign musicians.

His works were presented at the exhibitions in the NCCA, the Electromuseum, the Museum of Musical Culture (Moscow), the Sound Museum, the Elaginoostrovsky Palace Museum, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications (St. Petersburg), the Sirius Center (Sochi), as well as in the framework of various festivals such as Dark Sounds in White Nights, Cyfest 11, Acousmonium, 101.Mediapoetry (St. Petersburg), Prepared Wednesdays, Geometry of the Now (Moscow), Ars Electronica (Lintz, Austria), Hors Normes (Le Pont, Switzerland), Art Fair Suomi (Helsinki, Finland).

Winner of “TAKE-OFF” All-Russia Creativity Competition in Art&Science projects (2019), the grant program of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art for artists working in the field of contemporary art (2020) and the Pro Helvetia Fast ForwART grant program to support new formats of cultural exchange (2021).

Has been working as a tutor and scientific supervisor in the Art & Science master program at ITMO University (Saint-Petersburg); the Digital Art master program at FEFU (Vladivostok); and New Media Laboratory, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre.

EAI jam with Oleg Makarov / Patrick K.-H.

Digiphonia soundspace installation, 2014
Boris Shershenkov, Digiphonia@ FSG. Photo by Anastasia Blur

Boris Shershenkov, Digiphonia@ FSG. Photo by Anastasia Blur

Though computer development aims to quantize data, it also produces a multitude of artifacts of the virtuality that are, getting dated in time with their technical purpose, drifting to the abstract objects’ domain. A lot of them are digital tools at the first place, and even if their purpose was or was not to transmit the sound, they have certain acoustic and sound properties. This allows to achieve a very special quality of sound, namely three in one – as an event, it can be seen from physical,  psychological and informative points, just like water, that can stay simultaneously in 3 aggregative states.