Bruce Andrews

 © Andrews Saarsgard

BRUCE ANDREWS has maintained a consistently uncompromising position at the most radical extreme of the literary avant-garde. He is a central figure in what has become known as Language Writing, the major innovative movement in U.S. poetry in recent decades.

He has published poetry, performance scores and literary theory widely, and has been frequently anthologized and the subject of numerous critical articles in recent years (including a panel at the Modern Language Association convention, 'Bruce Andrews and the Social Politics of the Avant-Garde'). He co- edited the journal L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E and The L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E Book with Charles Bernstein, which sought to emphasize the type of work that has made Andrews's own texts so distinctive: "a spectrum of writing that places its attention primarily on language and ways of making meaning, that takes for granted neither vocabulary, grammar, process, shape, syntax, program, or subject matter." Andrews lives in New York City and is a professor of Political Science at Fordham University. 

Spaced Out, May 2005

A sound installation with concert performances at 8 pm all three nights involving improvising musicians and experimental poetic language 'edited live'.

The installation in the front room, SPACED OUT, presents simultaneously the four versions of an hour-long poetic text (exploring the often strange and wacky semantics of off-kilter phrases and word atoms suggested by the nightlife of electronica). All four at once, spatialized: the spoken text, a processed version involving a cornucopia of multi-effects transformations, and two versions based on Max/MSP patches tailored to the text by Michael J. Schumacher.