Bojana Šaljic Podešva

Circuit Fantôme Season 4 Episode 3

April 26, 2024

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        Veronikag. 24
        1170 Wien


Bojana Šaljić Podešva is a Slovenian composer whose primary medium of expression is electroacoustic music, encompassing live performances and music installations. Another significant aspect of her work involves the intersection of music with visual and performing arts. She showcases her compositions at renowned festivals such as the International Rostrum of Composers, the International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music, Synthese Bourges, World Music Days, the LIEU project, Art of Sounds, among others. Her talent has garnered several composition awards across various categories, including concert works, theatrical compositions, and film scores.

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Prayer: Tears within uncover a human (2024) 40’

Frozen shames, fears, sorrows, pains, body. A frozen heart doesn't know own needs; it craves and insatiably devours piglets, orangutans, infants, and ancient trees. Perhaps we are warming up, as a human must finally thaw, find tears for oneself and for others. It is safe to feel, safe to cry. The new human is capable of drenching the desert with compassion, finding PEACE, and surrendering to transience.I've long been fascinated by the fact that humans still evolutionarily inherit reflexes that at first glance seem unnecessary, belonging to some ancient marine ancestor that still latently resides within us. Techniques used by yogic practices and free divers awaken this marine creature. In the awareness of the capability of sound to guide a person inward, I explore the sounds of these techniques and seek my own animal. When the spirit is deeply within, the horizon is filled with existence and being part of the planet. All other desires vanish. Perhaps tears are also remnants of the ancient sea we yearn for.

 Circuit Fantôme - curated by Daniel Teruggi and Anton Iakhontov

Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur and BMKÖS