Circuit Fantôme

Season 1 Episode 5

Pierre Henry
Weekly series of Octophonic Pieces
curated by Anton Iakhontov in close cooperation with Daniel Teruggi

August 26  - August 27, 2022 | 18.00-22.00

      Veronikag. 24
      1170 Wien

Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur and Institut Français

Pierre Henry Photo by: Jean-Regis Rouston, Roger Viollet

About the Series

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Circuit fantôme is a weekly performance series for octophonic music. It is put together with the ACOUSMONIUM regular peer-advisor Daniel Teruggi and takes place in Vronihof, 1170 Vienna. 

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Always Friday and Saturday July 29 – October 01, 2022

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Circuit Fantôme Season 1 Episode 5
Pierre Henry

August 26, 2022   Friday
18.00 – 22.00   Listening session

August 27, 2022   Saturday
18.00 – 22.00   Listening session

Composition   ─  Labyrinthe !

What will happen in this Episode?

Pierre Henry, born December 9, 1927 in Paris; † July 5, 2017,  was a contemporary French composer. He is considered a pioneer of electronic music and musique concrète. Pierre Henry not only influenced new music in the second half of the 20th century, but he is also considered as one of the "fathers" of techno, along with Karlheinz Stockhausen.

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Labyrinthe !

An expedition in sound in 10 sequences/movements:
- Deep sink
- Circular abyss
- Secret core
- Weightlessness
- Entrails
- Solar furnace
- Scission
- Inland sea
- Eruption
- Ascension

First performance commissioned by Radio France

Labyrinthe! The light of darkness. The perfect reversal. Intertwining of difference and repetition. Crossed sounds. Crossed lines. Lines which open. Blocked lines. Lines which close. The parallelism between writing and the ways of reality. A language which constantly raises sounds and things. Mental gold. Perpetual births. A wonderful toolbox of noises where certain GRM sounds hit the windows of a ghost train. A spiral in an imaginary crucible made of bone. Clamours, a breathing on an immense scale. A secret ceremony of the great circle in the depths of the earth. A magnetic lift in a way.
For the first time during my journey and ventures into the world of creation, I dreamt of a breath of fresh air deriving from the electronic realm.
Labyrinthe emerged as the result.
All in all, a collaborative work achieverd overcoming the distance between its sources.
The sound cuts from GRM reached me as set of reflections, like “cadavre exquis”. Fragments in any order, all on CD, sent by post, 7 composers, 7 colleagues sent me 58 tracks of varying lengths in various keys.
This continuity inspired me to create a maze-like musical form, in concentric volumes, all thoroughly intertwining with each other. Above all, my contribution is intended to be harmonic. I take great care in attending to any drifting effects occurring with other sounds.
A smooth descent for all, in their order of entry into the subterranean: Donato, Geslin, Gayou, Losa, Zanési, Teruggi, Dao.

Pierre Henry

Pierre Henry would like to thank the composers Philppe Dao, François Donato, Evelyne Gayou, Yann Geslin, Diego Losa, Daniel Teruggi and Christian Zanési for having given him, in tribute, the sounds and musical objects of the current GRM, specially produced for his birthday. Pierre Henry has included these sounds in his Labyrinthe!

Preview – What will happen next?

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