Diane Daher

Composer, harpist, and singer, Diane Daher navigates through a diverse musical universe encompassing contemporary, electroacoustic, improvised, popular and film music. Interested in creating parallel worlds and universes rooted in the richness of electroacoustic sounds, she explores multidisciplinarity, incorporating dance, theater, video and drawing in her project.

After studying philosophy, she published a duo for harp and violin titled "The Ten Tearful Souls of Charon" with Harposphère editions in 2014. That same year, she founded the Ciné-concert group, Ensemble Ménilmontant, dedicated to creating contemporary and electroacoustic film music for silent movies from the 1920s-30s.

In 2015-2016, she won the professional jury prize at the "Musique en Courts" film music competition and was invited to perform a cine-concert with Ensemble Ménilmontant at the Cinematheque of Copenhagen. She also recorded a track for musician Per Bloch's album "Kokoro" during this time. Later, she composed music for the theater piece "The Wild Boys" based on William Burroughs' book and directed by Pierre Kuentz. Then, she won the "Petites Formes 2016" competition with her first electroacoustic piece "The Flooded Lands."

In 2017, she joined the CNSMDL in electroacoustic composition with François Roux and engaged in numerous collaborations, including an exchange in 2022 with CNMAT in Berkeley, California, and a commission for Ensemble Multilatérale performed at the Philharmonie of Paris. In 2023, she composed electroacoustic pieces for two percussionists Youjin Lee and Pin-Cheng Chiu, incorporating research on movement with the Light Wall System and sign language.

Currently, she is training at Takamouv and Afromundo as a dancer (Popping, HipHop, Krump) and developing projects focused on popular music.


Mayday, Part II (short version 12’10) 2023

Performed at ACOUSMONIUM Festival at 08 May 2024.

Why are you crying?
It’s all good, so no worries, no worries.
You see, sometimes you can trust a person and then when things are down they forget about you.
Smile for me tomorrow.


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