Diego Losa

Composer, Sound Engineer

(c) Linda Bujoli

Diego Losa.
A member of INA GRM (Music Research Group) and in charge of the digitisation of GRM’s original work, Diego Losa is also a sound manager and technical assistant to guest composers at INA. A Sound Engineering professor at Sorbonne (Paris I) and EICAR Film School, Diego also teaches electroacoustic music at St-Etienne Conservatoire à rayonnement régional. Diego created music for cinema, radio, the circus and dance performances. Diego performs his own pieces for traditional South American music concerts and in jazz bands. His pieces have been played in France, the U.S, Germany, Norway, Brazil, China, England, Poland and more…
Crónicas del tiempo, 4 tracks, 15’ / 2004

It is an acoustic evocation of memories of the past and images of the present and future, in the story of a traveller: mental impressions confronted with the collective memory of a country (mine) vis-à-vis the world.
It is a real work on the unconscious, a reflection on deep sensations from original sounds captured in several places of the world (Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Durban) and at different times (from 1980 to 2004), passing from the political reality of my country (Argentina) to this same reality but worldwide (from the Malvinas war – 1982 – to the second Gulf war – 2004-). These violent events upset me so much that it was only through music that I could exorcise them.
Horizons ou le récit d’un voyageur, 8 tracks, 15’ / 2015

“Horizons ou le regard du voyageur” (Horizons or the gaze of the traveller) commissioned by the GRM.

“Kilometres, fields, towns,
Everything seems so distant, behind this window…
The clarity of this Sunday blinds me, dazzles me, calms me.
I’m leaving the mountains, and now can see the plain
Everything is going so fast from this window
Moving, living, changing of hemisphere, creating, believing
Everything is magical out of this window
Ancient landscapes, a man walking along a trail,
Quiet, alone
The road becomes water, the field becomes sky, and me,
sits here, contemplating the infinity.
Season changing everything seems so unreal behind this window!”