Dimitri Coppe

Solo musician in acousmatic composition, electronic improvisation and sound installations

Dimitri Coppe is a solo musician in acousmatic composition but also in electronic improvisation  and sound installations. He collaborates with radio, cinema and dance for events such Ars acustica Art’s Birthday (AES/EBU) ou Radiophon’ic (Brussels). With mxsx he develops a duet electronic + saxophones.

There are no records, only public and collective listenings, mainly performances using his own concert system : a home-made instrument of around fifty loudspeakers.

Last performances were: festival Archipel (Geneva), Présences électroniques (Paris), Mais qu’est-ce que tu fluxes? (Dunkerke), CMC (Chaux-de-Fonds), Futura (France), Elefanten (Geneva), Elektra (Montréal), Les musiques (Marseille), KuKuK (Germany), National Taïwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taïwan), Kukuk (Aachen), Biennale des arts indépendants de Genève, Festival de poésie sonore Makaronic (Geneva), @PTT (Geneva), Schaffhauser Jazz festival (Suisse), théâtre Grüttli (Geneva), Centre Camac (France), Musique & architecture (Bruxelles), Ars musica (Bruxelles), Brigittines (Bruxelles), Festival Semaine du son (Bruxelles), Bellone (Bruxelles),  Festival Images sonores (Théâtre de la Place, Liège), festival Musique & architecture (Bruxelles), Festival Propulse, Madmusée (Liège), ACSR (Bruxelles), Théâtre de la Place (Liège),

Fragment of a life, 6’ 46″ / 2021

Fragment of a life is composed as an instrumental solo. The sound palette is deliberately reduced to Freezing, a historic GRM-Tools treatment from the '90s, which sounds more mineral than crystalline.

A sound fragment is set in rotation and shaped by a fall. The speed slows, the envelope expands, revealing the impurity of the fibers. Speed slows further, the hiccup becomes a pulsation. Nearing a standstill, weepers appear.

Fragment of a life is a stereo reduction of 8 spatialized channels on a very small, colorful set-up : a 4 channels/8 speakers totem and 4 horns arranged solely facing the audience.

Fragment of a life is dedicated to a long-suffering companion who recently passed away, and a tribute to the instrument that freezes time.