Elsa Justel

Composer, Video Artist

Elsa Justel (Argentine-France)

PhD in Aesthetics, Science and Technology of the Arts at the University of Paris, Elsa Justel currently works as an independent composer and video artist, having received commissions from the French government and different European production studies.
She has received composition awards such as: Prix Ton Bruynèl, Netherlands (2005), Prix Ars Electronica, Austria (1992), Stipendienpreis, Darmstadt, Germany (1990), International electroacoustic competition of Bourges, France (1989 and 2001) between others.

Her music has been recorded by empreintes DIGITALes (Canada: 3 albums), J&W (Canada), Phonurgia (France), Imeb (France) and other compilations.
She has developed a pedagogical and research activity at the Universities of Marne La Vallée (France) and Pompeu Fabra (Spain) as well as in various conservatories and music schools in France, Holland, Germany, Argentina and Spain.

In 2007 she creates the Foundation Destellos in order to promote and develop acousmatic music and digital arts, organizing an International Competition and establish an international network for diffusion of works.


Marelle ou Les instants de la vie, 12’10” (2017) 8 channels
Déjà vu, 6’57” (2020) 8 channels
Ce monde et ailleurs, 10’26” (2019) 8 channels
D’un souffle lointain, 9’56” (2019) stereo
Purzelbäume, 4’49” (2002-03) 8 channels

Elsa Justel presenting her pieces — played within Circuit Fantôme Season 3 Episode 2
Cercles et surfaces, 8 tracks, 15’ / 2013

“Cercles et surfaces” (“Circles and surfaces”) responds to the principle of musical gestures in space, creating a flow of seemingly chaotic sound patterns that approach each other and meet in arborescence creating a new order. The multitrack discourse contributes to creating a polyphonic texture that accompanies the gestural movements in the space.