Emma Kerssenbrock 


Emma Kerssenbrock is an independent sound artist. Graduating with honors from the DNSEP program in Sound Arts in 2018 at the HEAR Strasbourg, they continued their studies for a year in electroacoustic composition at the conservatory of the city.
Their practice is mixed and hybrid; they oscillate between sound composition, sculpture, writing, installation, and performance. It is by constantly mutating between these mediums that they find the frictions they seek.

As a co-founder of the collective Ligojn and founder of the association Incessante, they are a programmer for concert and performance evenings aimed at showcasing young experimental artists.
In 2022, they won the project call from the COAX collective and the "La Nouvelle Onde" award in the "Artist-Entrepreneur" category with their association "Incessante". Their performative creation "Dialogue Impraticable" received support from DRAC Île- de-France and HEAR Strasbourg.

Miasmes, 2023

Exploring the epidemic notion of breath, Miasmes presents itself as a search for its disembodiment. Degenerating into analogically distorted vocalizations, industrial influences with jerky inhalation rhythms, and heterogeneous wind instruments engage in a breathless cadence. This piece borrows its disparate aesthetic from a multitude of musical genres, joyfully blending them in a contagious mycelium.