Jorge Sad


Jorge Sad Levi, Buenos Aires (1959). He has studied composition at Buenos Aires Catholic University and at Université de Montréal.  He has been distinguished with the First Prize at the City of Buenos Aires Composition Contest.
He has been working in acousmatic, mixed and multimedia compositions in many different studios around the world, like LIEM and Phonos (Spain), CCRMA, Wisconsin University at Stevens Point (USA), GRM (France), LIPM (Buenos Aires), Musiques & Recherches (Belgium) with the support of national and international institutions. He taught Electroacoustic Composition at the Alberto Ginastera Conservatory for 20 years. He is currently professor of Musical Semiotics at the University of Tres de Febrero. His works are published in Babel Scores; Discs by Luscinia, Elektra Music Alina Records and Plus Timbre.
Lo nuevo es la memoria radiante del pasado, 8 tracks, 10’22 / 2020

The main idea consists in the exploration of a very different and heterogeneous variety of sound shapes, objects and processes, modelled by a small group of spatialization patterns. I have worked this piece using cut and paste techniques applied to octophonic sounds. Also, I have tried to imitate analogue techniques through mixing of short sections in order to keep tape recorders synchronized). In the semantic level, the title refers to the process by which memory can be reconfigured by means of imagination and artistic work.