Ksenia Bakhtina

Musician, Conductor, Cross-Disciplinary Artist

Ksenia Bakhtina is a musician, conductor and cross-disciplinary artist who initially started her education in classical music and conducting. Over the years she got more and more into experimental and acousmatic music. Ksenia Bakhtina composes electroacoustic / acousmatic music (live and fixed media). She studied at the New Media Lab in St. Petersburg with Anton Iakhontov, absolved her Art & Science Master program in ITMO university, St. Petersburg and is currently student of the Master programme Postdigital Lutherie at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz/Austria with Volkmar Klien.

Her compositions/sound installations have been performed at various festivals, such as at Acousmonium Festival in St. Petersburg and at Ars Electronica.


Dark Meditation 1, 2022
8 channels

Presented within Circuit Fantôme Season 1 Episode 10

Dark Meditation 2, 2022
8 channels

Salva me, 2022 (5'35“)
Salva me is a collage, a time slice of what is happening in the world. Wars,  political clashes of the world and clash of the inner world with reality. The  work uses field recordings that reflect the attitude to reality, which are  trying to tell a story, a complex story that may help to preserve the essence  of the value of human life. Sava me- translated from Latin "Save  me", this is the call of every person who is in the ongoing disaster. 
Blocks of Ice, 2021