A project in cooperation with echoraum and Alcôme
Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKÖS, SKE austromechana, echoraum, ALCÔME, Sacem and Copie Privée



Maylis Raynal

Maylis Raynal is a singer, composer and sound artist. She grew up in the Basque Country in a world rocked by music. She develops a taste certain for creation and wishes to become a composer, singing also inhabiting her daily. Later, she followed training in electroacoustic composition, instrumental and vocal composition, screen music, writing, piano and singing traditional at the conservatory of Bayonne then Toulouse. After obtaining your DEM, she integrates the PSPBB in electroacoustic composition. In 2018 she obtained the master's degree Acousmatics and Sound Arts at UPEM in partnership with the GRM. Maylis is a composer and performer in the sound and musical creation company Alcôme, member of the Myr’ collective and collaborates with live performance, visual arts and the video. She is a singer in the traditional singing trio “Les Cop(i)nes”, and in the duo of augmented trad music “Lurodei” and in his personal song project “MAY”.


Bayonne la bienheureuse (15’) 2024 / PREMIERE / commissioned by Alcôme
Dans son ventre creux (6’51) 2016 / commissioned by Alcôme

performed at ACOUSMONIUM Festival on 10 May 2024

Intent: It's a sound walk, a portrait of my city in the paradoxes that inhabit it, like many other cities, which transforms according to a paradigm shift which seeks to penetrate ever more deeply into as anchored territory, whose solidity of its cultural roots persist.