Micah Silver

Artist, Curator

Micah Silver, is an artist and curator who studied music at Wesleyan and in MIT’s Art, Culture and Technology program. His work has been produced by MassMoca, Issue Project Room, Palais de Tokyo, and OK Zentrum, among other venues internationally. Silver also wrote the book Figures in Air: Essays Toward a Philosophy of Audio.

You and Me, Going (June 2008)

You and Me, Going is the result of an imaginary unfolding -- of a near-archaeological process through my recent work: of unearthing artifacts, brushing them off, finding new resonances with old things, and deducing/constructing narrative from emerging layers of association. My recent installations have required the capture and creation of vast libraries of audio material, much of which never found the right home. You and Me, Going is a landscape of these bits and a departure for me from working with algorithms to realize pieces that endlessly permute within stochastic bounds. For this project I wanted to refocus on the microscopic details of mixing and to discover how the more constructed basis for my recent works has been metabolised into intuitions and tastes. And so I returned to an entirely handmade approach. In one section of the piece, part of Agonism, a poem by Bethany Wright, is sung. The complete work is in the back of this program.