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Niko de Paula Lefort

Based in Berlin for over a decade, Niko de Paula Lefort works as a musician and sound artist. His vibrational practice covers the fields of art installation, experimental music, instrument building, field recording, radio transmission, concert curation and knowledge sharing. Also known as NikoLFO, he is a resident host on Archipel Stations Community Radio and a co-founder of Portals Editions and Archipel Editions. De Paula Lefortʼs work has appeared in commissions for major museums and festivals as much as in DIY settings, most noticeably at Centre Pompidou, Guggenheim Bilbao, Kunsthaus Göttingen, CTM, Bozar, Berghain and HeK Basel, in various constellations, solo or in collaborations with internationally renowned artists.



Performed LIVE at Circuit Fantôme Season 4 Episode 5 on 8 May 2024 in Vronihof / Vienna.

Aurality is a sonic research that grew outwards from a study of early American minimalism and traditional musics in their modern forms. By means of field recordings, tonal, algorithmic and radio experiments throughout immersive performances, Niko de Paula Lefort a.k.a. nikoLFO engages with bioacoustics, microtonality and polyrhythm to mend the vibrational fabric of inner and outer spaces.