SO.UND.ING Acousmonium Di-Fusion

curated by Anton Iakhontov and Brane Zorman 

March 18+19, 2024
18:00 listening lounge
20:00 live sound events

︎Komuna Hall, Kino Šiška
      1000 Ljubljana

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Live: Bojana Šaljić Podešva, Patrick K.-H., Katharina Klement, Mauricio Valdes, Daniel Teruggi, beepblip,

also music of Michael J. Schumacher, Victoria Morgunova and Elżbieta Sikora

Day ticket 7,00 €, Two-day ticket 10,00 €, listening lounge – free admission


CONA and Kino Šiška invite you to two immersive evenings of contemporary composed electroacoustic music in surround sound. Artists will spatially manipulate an octaphonic sound system to perform their compositions, presented in Ljubljana for the first time.


The program was created in cooperation with the Floating Sound Gallery from Vienna, which is managed and curated by Patrick K.-H. The artist will present himself live with an interpretation of his own compositions as well as works from the archive of the gallery’s many years of operation. In the Komuna Hall, his selection from the vault of sound arts and electroacoustic music will be complemented by live performances by sound artists Bojana Šaljić Podešva, beepblip and Mauricio Valdes.

In addition to the Austrian guest, composer and musician Katharine Klement, we are especially honored to announce that we will be hosting the Argentinian-French composer Daniel Teruggi. Daniel Teruggi belongs to the first generation of composers and experimenters who laid the foundations for physical layouts and performances of electroacoustic compositions in multi-channel techniques. They developed techniques and interfaces as well as software tools for distributing sound to speakers. Daniel Teruggi will present and perform his compositions live on both evenings.

We also planned to have the internationally recognized and award-winning Polish-French composer Elżbieta Sikora perform live in Ljubljana, but unfortunately she fell ill in January, so we will listen to her works in her absence.

This year, we will open an eight-channel listening lounge to music enthusiasts, students and the general public, with selected compositions played on both evenings.


      Monday, 18 Mar

18:00 – 19:30 Listening sessions (sound installation)

Michael J. Schumacher: Freed Field (2018, 30:03)
Michael J. Schumacher: Filters and Filtered (2014, 21:30)

20:00 – 22:00 Performances (live interpretations / live diffusion)

Katharina Klement: peripheries (2014-2016, 27:30)
Daniel Teruggi: Sweet J (video by Christiana Kluge, 2011, 5:40) [8ch av projection]
Daniel Teruggi: Punctus spatio (2011, 17:00)
Patrick K.-H.: Postards (2022-24, 30:00)
Mauricio Valdes: Speak-ON (2024, 12:00)
Bojana Šaljić Podešva: Ceci n’est pas Magritte (2024, 20:00)

      Tuesday, 19 Mar

18:00 – 19:30 Listening sessions (sound installation)

Victoria Morgunova: C.R.N.S. (2020, 40:55)

20:00 – 22:00 Performances (live interpretations / live diffusion)

Elżbieta Sikora: Axe rouge V (2011, 13:22)
Daniel Teruggi: Êchoi (1997, 13:00)
Daniel Teruggi: Spaces of mind (2004, 17:40)
Patrick K.-H.: Yellow Rabbit (2023, 10:00)
Katharina Klement & Axel Doerner: 5 levels (video by Patrick K.-H., 2022, 18:44) [8ch av projection]
beepblip: Voluminozno gibanje vodne Zemlje (2024, 18:55)
Elżbieta Sikora: Paris Gare du Nord (2017, 14:50)

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COLOPHON Artists: Patrick K.-H., Bojana Šaljić Podešva, beepblip, Mauricio Valdes, Katharine Klement, Daniel Teruggi, Elżbieta Sikora
Curators: Patrick K.-H., Brane Zorman
Organisation: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman
Public relations: Matej Tomažin and Anja Pia Biščak
Design: Matej Tomažin
Translation and proofreading: Daniel Sheppard
Organisation: CONA, Floating Sound Gallery (Vienna), Kino Šiška
In cooperation with PINA