We were extremely happy to have Daniel Teruggi in Vienna last November, thanx to Thomas Grill and ELAK Wien for hosting.
An insightful conference about history and evolution of GRM, GRM tools, SYTER, music programming, stereo and Acousmonium, electronic music studios, and the cherry on the cake - advises to young (actually not only) composers "Composer in the world".




Every week Noise Blog: Street Elevator radiostatic (1’49“)

Every week Noise Blog are sketches made using mono mic that I always have in my pocket. When in travel or at work I record soundscapes and some special sounds of trolleys, trams, vending machines. Then I glue it in a classic blog style to recreate a sound experience of my day.”

Secretwar, musician and songwriter who is making sound design and some classical style music for theatre ("Ufo" 2021, "Two on a seesaw" 2022). In the past, worked in contemporary art - voiced exhibitions with live performances (Denis Patrakeev "Sheba" (Russia), Johanna van Overmeir (Belgium) "Family", "Crossing").