We were extremely happy to have Daniel Teruggi in Vienna last November, thanx to Thomas Grill and ELAK Wien for hosting.
An insightful conference about history and evolution of GRM, GRM tools, SYTER, music programming, stereo and Acousmonium, electronic music studios, and the cherry on the cake - advises to young (actually not only) composers "Composer in the world".



Seth Nehil

Seth Nehil is a multimedia artist living in Portland, OR. He has composed sound for CD, multi-speaker installations, solo and large-scale concerts, dance, theater and performance. An extensive discography includes releases on international labels. He has performed throughout the US, in Europe and Japan. Seth Nehil is co-editor and designer of FO A RM projects, publishing materials on arts and research, with a focus on sound art. He currently teaches Time Arts and Art Theory at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Washington State University. 

Swarm/Knives (February 2009)
a sound installation

A space between events that is charged. To call, connecting across space and invigorating an atmosphere. To confuse space as time for making a music. To utilize an erotics of distance.
Flocking is horizontal and occurs at irregular intervals, forming clusters. Flocking is a form of continuity which links discrete sonic events into strands. Tumbling is vertical, a relationship between two or more strands. Tumble is the perceptual grouping of sequential sounds into causal relationships. Tumbling could be heard as a "meta-flocking" across layers of the music. These structures arise through accidental correspondence, emphasized purposefully."