We were extremely happy to have Daniel Teruggi in Vienna last November, thanx to Thomas Grill and ELAK Wien for hosting.
An insightful conference about history and evolution of GRM, GRM tools, SYTER, music programming, stereo and Acousmonium, electronic music studios, and the cherry on the cake - advises to young (actually not only) composers "Composer in the world".



Tetsu Inoue  (テツ·イノウエ)

Electronic Music Producer

Tetsu Inoue (テツ·イノウエ) is a former electronic music producer from Japan. He primarily made various types of ambient music like Ambient techno & Lowercase. He has lived in Japan, San Francisco, and New York, and has collaborated with musicians such as Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell, Andrew Deutsch, Terre Thaemlitz, Jonah Sharp, Taylor Deupree, and Uwe Schmidt.
After the release of his last album Inland in 2007, Inoue completely disappeared from the public eye.

Fragment: Dot

An 8-channel work that contains a good deal of silence. Inoue is an ambient composer whose work refer- ences a fusion of pop, psychedelic rock, heavily treated samples, field source materials, and experimental electronica.