Thibault Madeline

Artist, Sound Artist

Thibault was born in France in 1992. He began his education in the plastic arts domain. He there explored various artistic domains as sculpture, design , photography, video, and sound. In 2011, he was accepted into the fine arts program in Grenoble. The four years spent there were devoted to the collection of sounds, forms, images, and material. These diverse treasures are used in his plastic and digital works. Finally, captivated by the possibilities of sound, he chose to devote his time to sound recording and editing, thus producing his first sound compositions. In 2015, he moved to Brussels to begin a five year program in acousmatic composition at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, Belgium, graduating in 2020 with honors. Along with his sound composition, he also create sound installations, composes and plays for performing art and is a member of the noise band André Curieux.

Le Murmure du Bombus (The Bombus' Whisper), 2022, 8’ 17’’

Le Murmure du Bombus (The Bombus' Whisper) has its origin in an obsession for an unavoidable, recurring subject : the fly, which is, at the same time, a symbol of a peaceful nature, evoking decomposition, irritation, or even an invading swarm. The fly is so present in our environment that it frequently lands on the microphone with agility and accidentally becomes part of the sound composition.

We hear the fly before we see it. The buzzing is known to harass our ears : that of a nocturnal mosquito, a chain saw working early in the morning, or a high speed dirt bike. But, paradoxically, the buzz can be conceived as a purely harmonic phenomenon. If we ignore the source of the sound, we will be surprised by the inherent musicality of this usually annoying buzzing. This is what Le Murmure du Bombus tries to demonstrate by effectuating a transition from an anecdotal soundscape into a turbulent drone music.

In 2021, Le Murmure du Bombus wins 4th place in the Iannis Xenakis International Electronic Music Competition.

(Produced with the help of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation)