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picture by Yura Pikul/edited by Patrick K.-H.


‘Ujif_notfound [aka UN, aka Georgiy Potopalskiy] is a media project based in Kyiv and since 2007. he main activity is the creation of multimedia systems based on algorithms of the kinetic relationship between man and program.
Founder of the alternative art space Kontrapunkt. Resident of the KVITNU label. Co-founder of BLCK BOX Media Art School and PHOTINUS Studio. As a media artist he has participated in numerous Ukrainian and international projects and festivals.
Selected exhibitions 

"Vyshivanyi. King of Ukraine ”(2021, KhNATOB, Kharkiv, Ukraine);
International Assembly SESAM 2021 Poliklinika (2021, Slavutych);
Festival of Audiovisual Art and New Media in the Urban Space "Construction" VII (2021, Dnipro);
Chornobyldorf (2020, Art Arsenal, Kyiv);
Performance within the exhibition "Oleg Golosiy. Non-stop painting ”(2019, Art Arsenal, Kyiv);
"Four days on the road" (2018, Foundation Center for Contemporary Art, AS "Podil", Kyiv);
"Aerophonia" in the framework of the PORTO FRANKO festival (2018, Rukh Stadium, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine);
EM-VISIA International Project of Electroacoustic, Experimental Electronic Music and Media Art (2018, Kyiv, Plivka);
Tetramatics Audiovisual Art Festival (2017, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine);
«Brave! Factory ”(2017, Kyivmetrobud, Kyiv);
Gamselit (2017, Dovzhenko CDMI, Ternopil, Ukraine);
"RECT_STRUCT: emotions / algorithms" within ICEM (2014, University of North Texas College of Music, Denton, Texas, USA);
"RECT_STRUCT: emotions / algorithms" (2014, Small Gallery of the Art Arsenal, Kyiv);
«AGP8 | Constantime ”(2014, Floating Sound Gallery. Media Center of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia);
Construction festival (2014, Planetarium, Dnipro);
"CIME / ICEM / MUSICACOUSTICA - BEIJING 2012" (2012, Beijing);
"Slit" (2012, Foundation Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv);
"Cultural Layer" (2012, Foundation Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv);
Battery Festival (2012, Yermilov Center, Kharkiv, Ukraine);
"APRIL EVENING. Experimental music and live visual art ”(2011, within the framework of KVITNU Fest, CINEMA club, Kyiv).

TER.RAIN series (2022) 38:30

Georgy Potopalsky combines the practice of a media artist and a musician. His installations and live performances usually combine software, visual and audio components. With the help of algorithmic systems, the artist creates interactive multimedia environments, unique audiovisual spaces, which in the case of live performance are generated in real time and exist only during the performance. Along with the technological and conceptual component, a significant role in the works of Potopalsky plays an aesthetic component. Visual solutions of works are usually minimalist and tend to abstraction, combining mathematical harmony with fluid artistic imagery. With significant experience in working with new media, the author seeks new approaches and experiments with visual language and technical means.

Potopalsky's new project TER.RAIN combines the use of tools of algorithmic 3d-worlds, usually based on complex abstract geometry, with the use of realistic images. Its visual basis is aerial photography of urban landscapes, where natural and anthropogenic elements meet. There, at the intersection of nature and traces of human intervention, the geometry of the contours of roofs, furrows from cars and trails create an almost finished abstract work. With the help of algorithmic transformation, the creation of the illusion of 2d image volume and microdeformations of motion in time and space, a new landscape is formed on the basis of the real landscape. This abstract pseudo-landscape that emerges is in fact a simulacrum. It does not really exist, but persuasiveness is not inferior to the original and merges with it. Landscape objects, deprived of their essence and correlation with each other, are transformed into non-figurative elements and textures of the digital canvas, which is released from the initial semantic loads.

This work is a search for a new visual language that balances on the border between figurative and abstraction, digital and realistic, where the "real" flows smoothly into a simulation. And the difference between them is barely perceptible: when exactly the substitution takes place - the viewer does not know for sure. Working usually in the plane of conceptual expressions, in this work the author deliberately seeks to move away from a clearly articulated idea, to clear the field of meanings in favor of remote observation of the landscape as any other object. Gradually depriving it of concreteness and bringing it into the field of the abstract, Potopalsky tries to achieve a sense of loss of landmarks, separation from the signifiers, loss and semiotic release. In this regard, the artist recalls Alan Watts' statement about the perception of space or objects in space: only when there is correlation and the possibility of comparison, they acquire properties, otherwise it is "nothing", devoid of interpretation.
(Natalia Matsenko)