Rdeča Raketa & Patrick K.-H.
performing together as Wen oirT @ Kultursommer Wien
Live Performance (Vocals, Live sampling, Synth, Computer)

August 05, 2022, 20.00 - 21.00

︎Kultursommer Wien
      1060 Wien

Open air with free admission all over Vienna!

Many thanks to Kultursommer Wien. Check out their whole amazing programme.

Photo credits: Rdeča Raketa - © Anton Iakhontov || Patrick K.-H.  © aublur 

Kultursommer Wien

This year, for the third time, the Vienna Summer of Culture invites you to enjoy open-air cultural events with free admission. Around 2,000 artists from the fields of cabaret, literature, music, performance, dance, theatre, contemporary circus and object theatre will be on stage for you. From young to old, there is something for every taste and every mood.

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Rdeča Raketa & Patrick K.-H.
performing together as “Wen oirT”
@Kultursommer Wien

Live Performance 
w/Vocals, Live sampling, Synth, Computer

Rdeča Raketa (Red Rocket) is the electronic music duo of Maja Osojnik and Matija Schellander. For the live shows of their 2021 release “…and cannot reach the silence” they work with Patrick K.-H. as a video artist. Besides his visual art he is also an accomplished composer of electronic music. The performance at Kultursommer Wien is the premiere for the three artists to collaborate as a new sound trio.

Wen oirT:

Rdeča Raketa:

  Maja Osojnik
  live sampling
  dj-cd player
  and other lo-fi electronics

  Matija Schellander 
  modular synth, computer


  Patrick K.-H.
  synthesizer, computer