Anastasia Koroleva

Sound Artist, Interdiscipliniary Artist

Anastasia Koroleva is the sound artist, interdisciplinary artist, performer. Based in Tenerife, Spain. Anastasia’s artistic interest lay in the study of the relationship between human and technology, the inclusion of natural and other agents in the process of creating art work, the impact of technology on sensority. The main medium is the sound.

Anastasia Koroleva is the participant of many exhibitions and festivals such as Art Electronica (online program), “Future Lab. Kinetic art in Russia”, The Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia, 2021), CTM festival (Berlin, Germany), The Wrong biennale (online program), CYFEST, “Game Engine Free Verse”, DISTANT.gallery (Netherlands), Soundmit festival (Turin, Italy), etc.

Nominated Kuryokhin award, The best media-object, nomination (2020, 2021).

Repercussions + Cueva Hermano Pedro 
performed 2023 in Circuit Fantôme S2 Ep2

In her own words:

Repercussions (2023), 10’48’’

The multi-channel composition consists of field recordings made during a long journey that includes three countries. Sound memories of the places where you lived add up to jittery and fragmented pieces of narrative. The changing events of the sound pattern combine inserts from conversations, recorded voices, whispers.

The discontinuity of the composition is determined by the imposition of several narratives on top of each other and combining them into a single sound story.

Cueva Hermano Pedro (2019), 10’00’’

The composition uses the author's sound material recorded during a trip to the island of Tenerife. The sounds of the mountainous terrain and the ocean are interspersed with the urban environment and the noise of the airport, forming a sound collage.

Cueva Hermano Pedro is the development of an idea about the contradictory relationship between man and nature, which is constantly changing its vector of development.