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Arash Azadi

Arash Azadi, born in 1994 in Iran, is a composer, multidisciplinary artist and art director whose creative work is influenced by the latest digital technologies. He started playing Persian classical setar at the age of nine, studied composition in Armenia at the Yerevan State Conservatory from 2012, and appropriated the Max/MSP programming language in an online course. His electroacoustic and experimental compositions are often accompanied by audiovisual effects, performance art, or dance and theater improvisations. Azadi also uses his knowledge of mathematics and computer science to combine modern approaches to sound design with acoustic music and folkloric elements. His works have not only been performed in his Iran and Armenia, but have also been heard in France, Italy, Germany and Greece.

Ballet No. 1 (2021-22) / 65’29’’

2021-22 / 65’29’’
performed 2023 in Circuit Fantôme S2 Ep1

Ballet No. 1 is an acousmatic composition for fixed media (tape) in 12 movements. Each movement pictures a different scene by using a variety of harmonies, colors, texture and orchestrations, giving the choreographers a rich pallet of opportunities to stage different kinds of narrations.

In his own words: