Circuit Fantôme

Season 1 Episode 9

Beatriz Ferreyra
Weekly series of Octophonic Pieces
curated by Anton Iakhontov in close cooperation with Daniel Teruggi

September 23 - September 24, 2022 | 18.00-22.00

      Veronikag. 24
      1170 Wien

Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur and Institut Français

About the Series

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Circuit fantôme is a weekly performance series for octophonic music. It is put together with the ACOUSMONIUM regular peer-advisor Daniel Teruggi and takes place in Vronihof, 1170 Vienna. 

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Always Friday and Saturday July 29 – October 01, 2022

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Circuit Fantôme Season 1 Episode 9
Beatriz Ferreyra

September 23, 2022   Friday
18.00 – 22.00   Listening session

September 24, 2022   Saturday
18.00 – 22.00   Listening session

Compositions   ─  1. Cercles des rondes (Rounds´circles), 11’ / 1982 / Tape music version — 2. La Ba-balle du chien-chien à la mé-mère (The ball of the old lady´s dog) 11’19’’ / 2001 — 3. Huellas entreveradas (Entangled paths), 14’35’’ / 2018 — 4. Echoes (Echoes), 8’37’’ / 1978 — 5. L´autre rive (The other shore), 17’26’’ / 2007

What will happen in this Episode?

Beatriz Mercedes Ferreyra (born 1937) is an Argentine composer born in Cordoba. She worked with the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM) of the Service de la recherche of the ORTF under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer (1963-70) where she collaborated on the realization of the Solfège de l’objet sonore albums. She created an experimental concerts series at the Centre d’études et de recherche Pierre Schaeffer. Furthermore she has performed at many international festivals, electroacoustic conferences and music seminars. She also composes for public celebrations and events, films and ballets.

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Cercles des rondes (Rounds’ circles), 11’ (1982)

Tape music version, composed in the composer’s studio.

This work has been composed with very diverse materials: a ships horn, computer generated and vocal sounds, musical boxes, synthetisers and electronic keyboards. The 5 different movements of this work fit into each other through breaks, changes in the sound’s density and sudden articulations.

La Ba-balle du chien-chien à la mé-mère (The ball of the old lady’s dog), 11’19’’ (2001)

Electroacoustic music.
Commission from GMEB Bourges France. Dedicated to Tim, Oggi, Justine and all the dogs having a grandma.

What can a ball, a dog and a grandmother do, between storm and sunshine, in the countryside, except play? This music is specially conceived for people who have one or more dogs of any breed, size, color, degree of ferocity and I. Q.

Huellas entreveradas (Entangled paths), 14’35’’ (2018)

Commissioned by Degem in 2017.

At first, this music was inspired by the wonders of astrophysics and by the mystery of “before the Big Bang” and its first moments of existence. But time going on, the composition transformed itself into a strange “walking along”.

Echos, 8’30’’ (1978)

With the voice and In memoriam Mercedes Cornu.

This work has been composed with four Latin-American’s popular songs: 2 Argentines and 2 Brazilians, which were sung «a cappella» by Mercedes Cornu. These songs have been break down in short and long sounds, syllables, breathings, coughs, etc. The composer only used techniques of tape cutting, mixing and manual shakes on these different vocal elements in order to keep the original timbre and quality of Mercedes’s voice.

L’autre rive (The other shore), 17’20’’ (2007)

State Commission for IMEB (Bourges)

Inspired by the Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead) this piece have been composed with percussions and some electroacoustic sounds. I thank very much  the percussionist Richard Aratian for his inexhaustible patience, his imagination and his sense of humour during his recordings.

Preview – What will happen next?

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