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Circuit Fantôme

Season 1 Episode 1

Daniel Teruggi
Weekly series of Octophonic Pieces
curated by Anton Iakhontov in close cooperation with Daniel Teruggi

July 29  - July 30, 2022 | 18.00-22.00

      Veronikag. 24
      1170 Wien

Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur and Institut Français

Photo credits: Daniel Teruggi ©Vladimir Postnov

About the Series

Live performance | Round table | Artist talks | Listening sessions

Circuit fantôme is a weekly performance series for octophonic music. It is put together with the ACOUSMONIUM regular peer-advisor Daniel Teruggi and takes place in Vronihof, 1170 Vienna. 

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Always Friday and Saturday July 29 – October 22, 2022

Full programme & dates ...

Circuit Fantôme Season 1 Episode 1
Daniel Teruggi

July 29, 2022   Friday
18.00 – 19.30   Round table   Passive progressive, or
what's wrong with "experimental music"

Participants: Daniel Teruggi, Elisabeth Zimmermann, Elisabeth Schimana
Moderator: Anton Iakhontov aka. Patrick K.-H.
19.30 – 22.00   Live performance / Listening session

July 30, 2022   Saturday
18.00 – 22.00   Live performance / Listening session

Works ─  Unsoundables, 17’/2021  |  Nova Puppis, 20’/2020  |  Punctus spatio, 17’ / 2022  (all three are Austrian premieres)

What will happen in this Episode?

Known as an amazing teacher, composer, researcher and curator, we are very honoured to not only arrange this programme together with Daniel Teruggi, but also have the possibility to present and spread his work, word, charme and knowledge.

Born in Argentina in 1952, Daniel Teruggi has developed his professional career in France, where he lives since 1977. Composer and researcher, he has worked since 1981 in various positions at Ina, such as Director of GRM and Director of the Research and Experimentation Department of Ina. 

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Daniel Teruggi about his performance

“This concert presents very recent acousmatic works. Over the last 20 years all my acousmatic works have been multiphonic, this meaning that at least 8 spatial sources (loudspeakers) are involved when I perform them. The concept of sound completely surrounding our listening is highly familiar to our everyday experience however music has mainly been a frontal experience and only recently has the whole space been included to it, comprising also the vertical dimension which really gives a 3D perspective to music.

The three works in this concert are multiphonic; all in eight tracks. Unsoundables is a travelling experience in imaginary sound universes; stories for our perception. Nova Puppis is a space adventure inspired by a family story where a continuously evolving sound covers space and time. Finally, Punctus Spatio is exactly what it means: Points in Space, exploring movements, punctual locations and of course a story for our ears that starts and ends in a multiple space.”
Daniel Teruggi


Unsoundables, 17’ / 2021
Austrian première ─ commissioned by Musiques & Recherches, Belgium

This work could have been named “Insondables” in French; with a slight ambiguity between sound and probe which in French are son and sonde. In English the word sound in Unsoundable refers to sound and probe, without changing the writing, and also has several other meanings: reliable, deep, sure, imperturbable… Faced with this profusion of meanings, English won in my imaginary quest for places to which we cannot access and which have a sound dimension that escapes our hearing. Places that we see or perceive but where access is impossible and which represent possible sound universes. We can then send a probe there; in this case mental and imaginary, to explore these places.

The mental probe explores those places, situations, spaces where our body cannot access. And, like a probe we would send to the underground, we discover different universes, sometimes similar to those we know, sometimes totally impossible. Several short situations follow one another like a quick trip to these unsoundable places, each with its family of sounds, its space and its logic. Although the places are referenced in my work, there is no need to give the clues; the listener’s imagination will easily identify them.

Nova Puppis, 20’ / 2020
Austrian première Commissioned by the GRM, Paris

My grandfather’s name was Bernhard Hildebrandt Dawson; he was born in 1890 in Kansas City, United States, and died in 1960 in La Plata, my birthplace in Argentina. He was an astronomer; he had come to Argentina in 1912 to work in the new astronomical observatory which had just opened in La Plata. In 1942 he discovered a new double star which he named "Nova Puppis". Thanks to this discovery he received the David Pickering medal in 1942 (a kind of Nobel for astronomers). Asteroid 1829 (in the Asteroid Belt) is also named after him, along with a crater on the dark side of the moon. This strange man, who lived with us and who spoke very little, died when I was 8 years old; I have distant and intrigued memories of him and his passion for the spheres, as well as his late-night life.

His books were marked with the following Ex Libris, taken from a poem by Goethe: "Like the stars, without haste, but without rest" ... that was his motto.

This work is therefore a tribute to his discovery and to the passion he had for searching beyond the limits of the visible. Nova Puppis is always there, somewhere in the sky, and it is especially the fact that it is double that interests me, that is to say two inseparable objects which make one for our perception. I always explore duality in my music with this idea that one is not enough, it takes at least two for things to work. I am not trying to mimic or imitate anything in the behavior of this star, but to be freely inspired by the thought of my grandfather and his emotion and his perseverance to unmask the mysteries of the universe.

So, I invite you to listen like the stars, without haste, but without truce.
DT March 2020

PS: by the way, the Ex Libris is taken from the book of prophecies by Goethe and Schiller: Xenies and other epigrams; the full text is:

Like the star that shines afar,
Without haste and without rest,
Let each one wheel with steady sway,
Round the task that rules the day,
And do their best.

Which totally changes the beautiful poetic image!

PS2: Puppis comes from the name of the constellation in which it is located: "The Stern", a constellation visible mainly in the southern hemisphere.

Punctus spatio, 17’ / 2022
Austrian première

Loudspeakers are an extraordinary invention; the fact that a cardboard membrane vibrates and thus reproduces any sound is almost a mystery! They reproduce sounds but these are not exactly the same as sounds in our environment are, which irradiate in all directions while loudspeakers tend to be directional (spherical loudspeakers exist but have not yet become largely diffused). To make this difference stronger, and since we have two ears, after the “monophonic” sound in the first half of the twentieth century; “stereophony” became the standard reproduction model, where the fact of having two loudspeakers that reproduce the same information but with slight differences, gives a spatial and movement perspective to sound.

Loudspeakers have highly dominated our listening environment and since the 1960s attempts have been made to introduce a three-dimensional listening perspective. Four tracks, eight tracks, 5.1, 7.1, etc. are different configurations in which the listener is immerged in sound through surrounding loudspeakers, many of these configurations having had their origin in the film industry. When composers work with these environments, they use different spatial strategies which can imply that each loudspeaker will be reproducing a different sound, the same sound coming from several loudspeakers or sound moving from one loudspeaker to other thus creating trajectories. These and many more spatial strategies have enriched acousmatic sound over the last decades.

Punctus spatio is not only a story of points and movements… Punctual sounds are the main starting element but music is the result. Points merge in lines and lines configure surfaces, and lines and surfaces create images in our mind. Space creates the charm, the fusion of perception points which interact with our memories, imagination and our extraordinary capacity to organize sounds in form. 

This work is dedicated to the memory of a good friend, Bill Brunson from Stockholm, who recently left us…

Preview – What will happen next?

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