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Elisabeth Schimana

Conception, Sound, Interaction (*1958 in Innsbruck, lives in Vienna)  
Elisabeth Schimana, photo by Reinhard Mayr

The musician and composer Elisabeth Schimana has been present since the 1980s as one of Austria´s pioneers of electronic music. A radical approach and an equally radical aesthetic characterize her projects. In her artistic work, Schimana investigates questions of space, communication, the body in its presence or absence. She is particularly interested in sharing information about compositional concepts (scores), which leads to new approaches of exploring the act of listening and require a heightened musical presence. Her exploratory approach also resulted in the founding of the IMA - Institute for Media Archaeology, which since 2005 has committed itself to acoustic media at the interface between analogue and digital, and has a focus on the topics women, art and technology.
(Milena Meller, translation by Petra Leisentritt)

Round Table: Passive progressive, or what's wrong with "experimental music"

Elisabeth Schimana participated in the Round Table talk on July 29, 2022 in Vronihof, Vienna (as part of the series Circuit Fantôme S1 E1) – together with Daniel Teruggi, Elisabeth Zimmermann, moderated by Anton Iakhontov.