Circuit Fantôme

Season 3 Episode 10

 Javier Álvarez Fuentes
Octophonic Series
curated by Anton Iakhontov and Daniel Teruggi

 December 08, 2023

      Veronikag. 24
      1170 Wien

Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur

About the Series

Live performance | Listening sessions

Circuit fantôme is a performance series for octophonic music. It is put together by Anton Iakhontov and Daniel Teruggi and takes place in Vronihof, 1170 Vienna. 

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Circuit Fantôme Season 3 Episode 10

Javier Álvarez Fuentes - Mambo à la Braque, 1990, 3’17
Javier Álvarez Fuentes - Cactus geometries, 2002, 18’19
/ Cereus Hexagonus, 5:43
/ Lophphora Williamsii, 5:32
/ Parodia Penicillata, 1:44
/ Agave Fourcroydes Lemaire, 1:38
/ Dorcoba Aureispina, 4:45
Javier Álvarez Fuentes - Offrande, 2020, 18’
/ Mains aux oiseaux (Hands to the birds), 4:05
/ Liquid Metal (Liquid metal), 5:56 Varitas (sticks),
/ 4:52 Delfín Herido (Wounded dolphin), 3:31
Javier Álvarez Fuentes - Mejor morir en la selva (Better to die in the jungle), 2017, 14'35

What will happen in this Episode?

Javier Álvarez Fuentes

Javier Álvarez Fuentes (8 May 1956 – 23 May 2023) was a Mexican composer known for compositions that combined a variety of international musical styles and traditions, and that often utilized unusual instruments and new music technologies. Many of his works combine music technology with diverse instruments and influences from around the world. He taught internationally, in the UK and Sweden, and back in Mexico later in his career.

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