Teng Qingqing

Qingqing Teng 滕晴晴 (China, born in 1990) is a composer based in France. She works in various fields of sound creation: acousmatic music, mixed music, improvised vocal performance, music for film, and dance.

Throughout her career, she has been interested in musical theater and has attempted to combine electroacoustic music and theater within her works and multimedia performances. She breaks away from traditional musical expression and chooses the most suitable means of sonic expression for the needs of dramaturgical development. The objective is to make electronic music itself more humanistic and theatrical by combining staging, lighting, a scenario, and performer gestures.

Her compositional work is often realized in collaboration with other artists. She has received commissions from the French Ministry of Culture, the Conservatoire & Orchestre de Caen, ensembles Proxima Centauri, Alcôme, the Museum of the Beijing Cultural Center (China), and the International Percussion Festival PAS (China). Her works have been performed notably at the Biennale Musiques en Scène in Lyon (France), the Théâtre de la Renaissance in Lyon (France), the Détours de Babel festival in Grenoble (France), 35-37 in Paris with IRCAM (France), the Haute École de musique de Genève (Switzerland), the Swiss Percussion Days (Switzerland), DE SINGEL International Arts Centre (Belgium), the Acousmonium festival in Vienna (Austria), the Musicacoustica festival (China), the Hive Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing (China), the IPEA International Percussion Competition Shanghai (China), and the Taichung National Opera in Taiwan. She has also been in residence at the Cité internationale des arts, the Royaumont Foundation, the CND de Lyon, and the GMEM in Marseille.

She trained in composition with Jian Feng, Jean-Marc Weber then at the CNSMD in Lyon with François Roux and Jean Geoffroy. During the scholar year 21-22, she joined the IRCAM Cursus Program on Composition and Computer Music with Pierre Jodlowski. Currently, she teaches at the CNSMD de Lyon in the Artist Diploma program.

Collective Sleepwalking events (15’) 2024 / PREMIER

commissioned by Alcôme

Performed at ACOUSMONIUM Festival on May 08, 2024

"I saw the color of someone else's dream. It was a mix of black and white, like ink poured into white paint, stirred and swirling. A circle of black and a circle of white, like a vat of swirling black and white. And the sound of breathing was like the gasping of a man held by the devil until he dies..."
— Lianke YAN

This piece is inspired by a novel by Yan Lianke, titled Rixi, literally "The Death of the Sun." The story takes place in a village during the harvest season, in a scorching August: one night, the village is struck by an epidemic of sleepwalking. The villagers succumb one after another. Yan Lianke explained that the idea came to him from a childhood memory.

I am drawn to the "mythorealism" atmosphere in the novel and seek to explore the subtle boundary between half-dream and half-awake states through sound. By incorporating elements of traditional rituals, I aim to immerse the audience in a dreamscape. The sounds used in the piece will evoke a dream or a memory, perhaps concealing a collective dream or memory, and a microcosm of an era… …


« 我看到了别人梦中的颜色。那是黑色和白色的混合,就像墨水倒入白漆中一样,搅动着旋转。一个黑色的圆圈和一个白色的圆圈,就像一个黑白交错的漩涡。呼吸的声音像是一个被魔鬼抓住直到他死去的人的喘息声……"

这个项目的灵感来自闫廉科的小说,《日晏》,字面意思是“太阳之死”。故事发生在一个村庄,正值丰收季节,是一个炎热的八月:一夜之间,村庄陷入了患上夜游症的流行病。村民一个接一个地倒下。 闫廉科解释说,这个想法是来自他的童年记忆。

我被小说中的“神话现实主义”氛围所吸引,试图通过声音探寻半梦半醒状态之间的微妙界限。我使用传统仪式的元素, 将观众带入到一个梦境中。作品中的声音将唤起一个梦境或一段记忆,背后隐藏着的或许是一个集体梦境或记忆,以及一个时代的微观世界。

Ghost Shouting, Ghost Screaming (13’) 2022

Performed at ACOUSMONIUM Festival on May 08, 2024

Memento, 05'09", 2019

Performed at Circuit Fantôme S3 Ep7 in 2023

People's Pleasure Park, 15'02", 2021

Performed at Circuit Fantôme S3 Ep7 in 2023

Yin System, 10'01", 2023
(premiere 2023, inspired by first Alcome collective project Système-S premiered in 2013)

Performed at Circuit Fantôme S3 Ep7 in 2023