A C O U S M O N I U M    2 0 2 4

M a y   0 8  -  1 0

International festival of multichannel electroacoustic music
curated by Anton Iakhontov (Patrick K.-H.), Armando Balice and Alisa Beck | a co-production of the Floating Sound Gallery Vienna, Alcôme and echoraum


per day — EUR 10  / EUR 7 (reduced) | all three days — EUR 24 / EUR 18 (reduced)

Doors open at 18.30 Uhr
Performances start at 19.00

      Sechshauser Straße 66 
      1150 Wien

About the Event

ACOUSMONIUM festival was launched by the Floating Sound Gallery as an annual platform for international artists in 2018 at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater St.Petersburg. It offers a platform of the “loudspeakers orchestra”, proposed by Francois Bayle in 1974 as an environment for live concert situation of electronically made music, to communicate the works of experimental genres.

This year we enjoy the collaboration with a contemporary classic - Alcôme of France, who are not only bringing their program but also their loudspeakers system.


08 MAY

x      Armando Balice
Concrete obscura (15’) 2024 / PREMIER
commissioned by Alcôme
Concrete aeterna (13’20) 2024
commissioned by Grand Chalon Conservatory of Music.

x      Qingqing Teng
Collective Sleepwalking events (15’) 2024 / PREMIER
commissioned by Alcôme
Ghost Shouting, Ghost Screaming (13’) 2022

x      Diane Daher
Mayday, Part II (short version 12’10) 2023

x      Patrick K.-H.
Postard 11 (03’43) 2023 / PREMIERE
realized with the support of MA7
Yellow Rabbit (10’11) 2023-24
realized with the support of SKE / austromechana

x      Martyna Kosecka
Ruba'i (8’05) 2020
Virya (17’) 2023-24

09 MAY

x      Paul Ramage
Avec mon amour (quand même) (10’) 2024 / PREMIERE
commissioned by Alcôme
Détours de manège (10’) 2019

x      Thomas Grill
blueprinting (15’) 2024 / PREMIERE
realized with the support of BMKÖS Jahresstipendium Komposition

x      Zeynep Sarıkartal
Verkohlt Unter derselben Sonne,
first act is: Die Erde
(11’) 2023/24
supported by Kompositionsförderung MA7
(Anna K. Frommann: Voice, Performance, Zehra Dogan: Art Works, Ruth Pishler: Sound Reactive Visuals, Andreas Pronegg : Dramaturgical Assistance)
Taste of Pearl (8'47’’) 2023
video by Ulduz Ahmadzadeh

x      “petites formes 2024“
Acousmatic Composition Competition (Canada, France, Japan, Taiwan) 10th anniversary, a selection of various laureats presented and performed by Christian Eloy (about 50')

x      Christian Eloy
FOLD-IN (8'10) 2017

10 MAY

x      Maylis Raynal
Bayonne la bienheureuse (15’) 2024 / PREMIERE
commissioned by Alcôme
Dans son ventre creux (6’51) 2016
commissioned by Alcôme

x      Emma Kerssenbrock
Miasmes (7’48) 2023
commissioned by Ici l’onde and Alcôme

x      Patrick K.-H.
∆∆∆∆ A4 (15’) 2024 | PREMIERE
realized with the support of MA7

x      Caroline Profanter
Amoibe (in 3 movements, about 25’) 2024 PREMIERE

x      Giulia Francavilla
Flow States #3 (8’12) 2022

x      Christian Tschinkel
Danse Acousmonautique (30’57) 2021

Supported by / Gefördert von
Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKÖS, SKE austromechana, echoraum, ALCÔME, Sacem and Copie Privée
petites formes

Special thanks to SONORA music