Circuit Fantôme

Season 3 Episode 2

Elsa Justel
Octophonic Series
curated by Anton Iakhontov and Daniel Teruggi

 August 18 - August 19, 2023 | 18.00-22.00

      Veronikag. 24
      1170 Wien

Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur

About the Series

Live performance | Listening sessions

Circuit fantôme is a performance series for octophonic music. It is put together by Anton Iakhontov and Daniel Teruggi and takes place in Vronihof, 1170 Vienna. 

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Circuit Fantôme Season 3 Episode 2

1.    Marelle ou Les instants de la vie, 12’10” (2017) 8 channels
2.   Déjà vu, 6’57” (2020) 8 channels
3.   Ce monde et ailleurs, 10’26” (2019) 8 channels
4.   D’un souffle lointain, 9’56” (2019) stereo
5.   Purzelbäume, 4’49” (2002-03) 8 channels

What will happen in this Episode?

Elsa Justel

PhD in Aesthetics, Science and Technology of the Arts at the University of Paris, Elsa Justel currently works as an independent composer and video artist, having received commissions from the French government and different European production studies.
She has received composition awards such as: Prix Ton Bruynèl, Netherlands (2005), Prix Ars Electronica, Austria (1992), Stipendienpreis, Darmstadt, Germany (1990), International electroacoustic competition of Bourges, France (1989 and 2001) between others.

Her music has been recorded by empreintes DIGITALes (Canada: 3 albums), J&W (Canada), Phonurgia (France), Imeb (France) and other compilations.
She has developed a pedagogical and research activity at the Universities of Marne La Vallée (France) and Pompeu Fabra (Spain) as well as in various conservatories and music schools in France, Holland, Germany, Argentina and Spain.

In 2007 she creates the Foundation Destellos in order to promote and develop acousmatic music and digital arts, organizing an International Competition and establish an international network for diffusion of works.

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Marelle ou Les instants de la vie” is originally a 16-track piece. “Marelle” is a children´s game in which children jump with one or two feet across squares drawn on the ground with the aim of reaching heaven – a parallel, if you like, with life stages when we go through different phases, choices, fears, anguish and happiness. I therefore created different groups of sounds that are placed in different corners of the space and wander around.

Déjà vu” was created during quarantine which was a moment of solitude in which I was looking for materials, and finally I decided to use one of the most traditional stereotypes of electroacoustic music, “bouncing”. The title is “Déjà vu”. In other words, there is nothing new there. There are bounces that repeat themselves, repeat themselves persistently.

Ce monde et ailleurs” was created and performed at the “Futura Festival” in 2019, which was a thematic festival. My idea was to somehow retrace the history of humanity through the voice, how humans began with the first babbles, then created words and songs, getting more and more complex, leading up to large chorales, the polyphonies … and also through the parallel evolution of instruments, from the simplest ones (flutes) and combinations of the simplest mechanisms and polyphonies of the most simple dances to the great symphonies. This procedure within the piece will continue to grow until we reach the point where we can feel a multitude of noises, different voices intertwining, various musical forms superimposed. Pierre Schaeffer´s voice also appears in this piece, saying something that I consider to be premonitory. It´s a phrase I´ve already used in another piece, a tribute I paid to Pierre Schaeffer. He says: “Les machines pensent” (machines think), which leads us into discourses on robotics and artificial intelligence, thinking that machines are really thinking.

D´un souffle lointain
comes together with a video. It is a piece for electronic trumpet, played by Valentín Garvie, a trumpet prodigy, whom I have known since he was a child, he is now a great trumpet player whith whom I´ve worked together and who also introduced me to different ways of playing, etc.

The piece “Purzelbäume” is an electroacoustic tango — the title is in German, since it was commissioned by Deutschland Radiokunst in Berlin. In Spanish the translation would be “dando tumbos”, I´ll leave the English translation to you, these words are from tango lyrics.