Circuit Fantôme

Season 3 Episode 5

Régis Renouard Larivière
Octophonic Series
curated by Anton Iakhontov and Daniel Teruggi

 September 22 - September 23, 2023 | 18.00-22.00

      Veronikag. 24
      1170 Wien

Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur

About the Series

Live performance | Listening sessions

Circuit fantôme is a performance series for octophonic music. It is put together by Anton Iakhontov and Daniel Teruggi and takes place in Vronihof, 1170 Vienna. 

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Circuit Fantôme Season 3 Episode 5

ESQUIVE, 10’ 10’’ / 2010
LAPS 1, 12’ 00’’ / 2018
CONTRÉE, 20’ 07’’ / 2013
LAPS 2, 10’ 17’’ / 2020

What will happen in this Episode?

Régis Renouard Larivière

Régis Renouard Larivière (1959, Paris, France) is a French composer who studied electro-acoustic music under Philippe Mion and Jacques Lejeune in 1984. He also studied classical musical analysis with Francis Bayer, Hindoustani music in India with de Shivu Taralagatti. He's been appointed to teach electro-acoustic music at the Centre de formation de musiciens intervenants (CFMI) in Poitiers 1990-99. He worked on a regular basis with Christian Éloy on the workshops organized by the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM) since 1999. He was also member of the board of the Ars Sonora magazine alonside Katherine Vayne and Christian Zanési (1995-99). He composed for tape and for stage, dance and theater alike.

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