ujif_notfound / Alla Zagaykevych

March 11, 2022 - performance starts at 19.30
Pay as you can  |   COVID rules: 2G (vaccinated or recovered from a covid infection) and QR registration is required.
︎mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna  |  Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Wien  |  Klangtheater @ Future Art Lab, Raumcode VU149

In cooperation with ELAK – Lehrgang für elektroakustische und experimentelle Musik / Certificate program in electroacoustic and experimental music


ujif_notfound [aka UN, aka Georgiy Potopalskiy] is a media project based in Kyiv and since 2007.  The main activity is the creation of multimedia systems based on algorithms of the kinetic relationship between man and program.
TER.RAIN series (2022) 38:30
Potopalsky's new project TER.RAIN combines the use of tools of algorithmic 3d-worlds, usually based on complex abstract geometry, with the use of realistic images. It´s visual basis is aerial photography of urban landscapes, where natural and anthropogenic elements meet. There, at the intersection of nature and traces of human intervention, the geometry of the contours of roofs, furrows from cars and trails create an almost finished abstract work. With the help of algorithmic transformation, the creation of the illusion of 2d image volume and microdeformations of motion in time and space, a new landscape is formed on the basis of the real landscape. This abstract pseudo-landscape that emerges is in fact a simulacrum. It does not really exist, but persuasiveness is not inferior to the original and merges with it. Landscape objects, deprived of their essence and correlation with each other, are transformed into non-figurative elements and textures of the digital canvas, which is released from the initial semantic loads.  
(Natalia Matsenko)

Alla Zagaykevych
Composer, musicologist, sound-artist, who works in academic concert genres (symphonic, chamber, electroacoustic music, opera) and contemporary multidisciplinary projects (audio-visual installations, sound-performances, music for films). She participates in electroacoustic performances with musicians of new improvisation music.

Voice/Way (2013) 10:39
Electroacoustic work focused on the transformation process of voice during the cross-synthesis with various nature sounds. The material for the piece origins from sketches for the music for the film "Guide" (dir. Oles Sanin, 2013), where the the main character of the film - a blind musician kobzar - creates a special sense of heightened hearing. Hearing-Guide was the main line of work in film, and in this work.

MISTO (2021) 32:26
The MISTO (City) (2021) is a musical part of a media project dedicated to the study of urban space. It´s about real and imaginary landscapes. The urban space of Kyiv became the environment for generating new ideas and meanings for a generation of writers of “our twenties” - Semenko, Shkurupiy, Pidmohylny, Pluzhnyk. They greatly influenced the formation of futuristic trends in painting and theater.  Alla´s project is an attempt to create an imaginary vision of Ukrainian musical futurism.

/ What is the space of the CITY for modern man?
/ What is its movement?
/ What is time?
/ What is the CITY like inside and out?
/ Where are its limits?
/ How to find or lose yourself in it?