A project in cooperation with echoraum and Alcôme
Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKÖS, SKE austromechana, echoraum, ALCÔME, Sacem and Copie Privée



A C O U S M O N I U M    2 0 2 3 
M a r c h  0 9

Festival of Acousmatic Music
curated by Armando Balice and Anton Iakhontov

per day — EUR 10  / EUR 7 (reduced) | all three days — EUR 24 / EUR 18 (reduced)

Doors open at 18.30 Uhr
Performances start at 19.00

      Sechshauser Straße 66 
      1150 Wien

About the Event

International festival of multichannel electroacoustic music.

Curated by Anton Iakhontov and Armando Balice.
co-production of the Floating Sound Gallery Vienna, Alcome and Echoraum.

ACOUSMONIUM festival was launched by the Floating Sound Gallery as an annual platform for international artists in 2018 at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theater St.Petersburg. It offers a platform of the “loudspeakers orchestra”, proposed by Francois Bayle in 1974 as an environment for live concert situation of electronically made music, to communicate the works of experimental genres.

This year we enjoy the collaboration with two contemporary classics - Alcome of France, who are not only bringing their program but also their loudspeakers system, and Diapason, pioneers of multichannel in New York.


Compositions commissioned by
Diapason Sound Art Gallery

Amnon Wolman
    Low Ground Clearance (2004)
Bruce Andrews
    Spaced Out (2005)
Tetsu Inoue
    Fragment: Dot (2000)
Micah Silver
    You and Me, Going (2008)
Esther Venrooy
    Vessel (2008)
Zeena Parkins + Douglas Henderson
    Polyconic Projections (2006)
Marina Rosenfeld
    anti-Warhol movement (in 16 cues) (2003)
Jason Kahn
    Winter (2003)
Stephen Vitiello
    Rush and Lullaby (2005)
Jim O'Rourke
    Untitled (2017)

Michael J. Schumacher
    Stills (series, since 1990s)
Bernhard Gál
    Vierband (2023, premiere)

Maja Osojnik
    EXPOSITION #01 / DOORWAYS #10 (2022/2023)

— Michael J. Schumacher, Bernhard Gál and Maja Osojnik are present not only with their music, but also in flesh —

Supported by / Gefördert von Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKÖS, SKE austromechana, echoraum und ALCÔME