Founded in 2013 by Livia Giovaninetti and Armando Balice, Alcôme is an independent company dedicated to artistic and musical creation, sound creation and improvised music. Alcôme's mission is to organize and perform electroacoustic music concerts, to conceive, coordinate and ensure the artistic direction of collective creation projects. Alcôme defends the place of the performer in acousmatic music, in particular through its collective of composers and performers made up of Armando Balice, Livia Giovaninetti, Paul Ramage, Maylis Raynal and their guests. 

Aiming at creating links and reinforcing the network between young composers of today, Alcôme develops its activity around sharing and opening. Its creations have been programmed in various festivals in France (Festival Villette Sonique off, Festival Marathon! at the Gaité Lyrique, Festival Futura, Festival Détours de Babel, Pieds Nus, L'Hiver Musical, Exibitronic...) and abroad (Festival 5 Giornate in Milan, Festival CCAM in Kyoto, Festival Sirga in Catalonia, Festival Radical dB in Saragossa, Festival Intrada in Timisoara...).

The group is equipped with their own mobile device, the Alcôme acousmonium (an orchestra of more than 40 loudspeakers), which allows them to give concerts and performances. Through the numerous educational projects already realized, Alcôme wishes to be at the heart of the transmission in order to make discover and sensitize the young public to this music.

Acousmonium 2023
08 to 10 MARCH at echoraum

The Festival Acousmonium 2023 is a cooperation between Floating Sound Gallery Vienna, Alcôme and echoraum. 
Co-curated by Anton Iakhontov (founder of the Floating Sound Gallery) and Armando Balice (founder of ALCÔME).
Performed on speakers and gear of the Alcôme-Acousmonium. THANK YOU!